Feasibility Studies

Understanding the market and the barriers to entry is an extremely important step for ANB Sensors, this has been facilitated by our success in two grant funding rounds; Innovate UK’s Global Feasibility challenge and EU H2020 SMEi phase 1 funding.

Global Feasibility Challenge Jan – Mar 2017

During the Global Feasibility Cooperation Study, representatives from ANB Sensors:

  • Presented at the Euramet conference in Poland, where interactions with metrologists evoked their interest for pH sensing in non-uniform media;
  • Met with companies across the US, interested in pH sensors for aquifiers, reservoirs swimming pools and monitoring water treatment infrastructure for Californian municipalities;
  • Attended Oceanology in San Diego, a conference dedicated to Ocean monitoring, sparking their interest in pH sensors for autonomous under water vehicles
  • Met with researchers from the National Institute for Marine Research and Development in Romania, who would like to undertake routine pH measurements in the Black Sea, the largest anaerobic basin in the world,

EU H2020 SMEi phase 1 funding Feasibility study May – Oct 2017

In this six month feasibility work, ANB Sensors met and discussed with key stake holders (water sensor manufacturers, suppliers, end users in both water and oceanographic applications) and assessed the key market challenges from both a technical and market entry stand point for the new sensor technology. It is clear there is a need for new sensors for both water and oceanographic applications. The oceanographic side being driven by researchers wanting to understand the impact of human activities on the ocean’s health and in the case of both water and oceans ensuring there is compliance of the ‘waters health’ with local regulations.

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