Why is ANB Unique?

ANB sensors have developed a cost effective, smart, self-calibrating, low maintenance pH sensor for use across all sensing platforms, including ocean monitoring and water resource management, that can be networked for use in the Internet of Things (IOT) and with operating costs 70% less than existing sensors.


Unlike other pH sensors that need frequent re-calibration, ANB's patented technology means that the sensor is calibrated in-situ without the need for manual intervention. This means a massive reduction in operating costs.


Solid state pH sensors can fit on any vehicle or sonde and can retrofit into the reference chamber of any glass electrode.

Smart & Robust

A solid state pH sensor that can be stored wet or dry without any degradation of performance.

A smart calibration-free sensor means that it is suitable for networking and IOT.

1 Minute Explainer Video

The Problem with existing pH Sensors

Existing pH technology, the glass electrode, has been around for almost 100 years. Millions of glass electrodes are sold each year to meet the need for measuring pH in fields such as pharmaceutical, water management, food & beverage, and environmental & ocean monitoring. While the glass electrode is the accepted go-to sensor for pH measurement, it suffers from a fundamental operating issue, the need for manual calibration because of reference electrode drift. Reference electrode drift reduces the accuracy of the sensor and adds up to 70% of the operating cost of the sensor.

ANB Sensors’ pH Sensor Solutions


We have developed a new electrochemical sensor technology that uses the market-accepted, ubiquitous glass electrode, but provides for autonomous, in-situ, calibration of the electrode.  This lack of manual calibration provides the following value proposition:

  • is at least 70% cheaper to operate and maintain.
  • can be deployed for extended periods of time for autonomous sensing.
  • can be deployed in an autonomous sensor network, extending use to new fields.


Our technology is also the basis for a solid-state sensor that will open up whole new markets. The solid-state pH technology provides further value building on in-situ calibration, including:

  • Removal of storage issues of the glass electrode, since unlike glass electrodes, our solid-state sensor can be stored dry.
  • Robust, since we do not use glass, meaning there is no special handling conditions.

The OC & AQ Solid State pH Sensors