We are actively seeking partners for:

  • Reselling our calibration-free sensors
  • Manufacturing and testing our pH sensing technology
  • Expanding our offering by working with other sensor companies

Please contact us for further details.

Our Partners:
EuropeEkotechnika – Czech Republic
Kem-En-Tec – Denmark
MDC – France
eTronica – Iceland
Comm Tec – Italy
Nautilus Oceanica – Spain
Zoomare – Spain
North AmericaAquatic Sensors – USA/Canada
South AmericaAlakaluf – Chile
Southern Tech SpA – Chile
AsiaChuntai Communication Technology – China
Future Sea – China
P-Nav Tech – China
Nipun Engg – India
Sea Breath – Japan
OceaniaHydroTerra – Australia
Imbros – Tasmania