ANB has secured funding to develop its pH sensing technology for Autonomous Under Water Vehicles (AUVs).

The overall objective of this project is to research, develop, produce and demonstrate a prototype pH sensor utilizing a novel self-calibration system on-board an AUV to a depth of 250 metres.

The absorption of CO2 is causing detrimental changes to ocean chemistry. When CO2
Reacts with water, carbonic acid is produced causing ocean acidification which is having adverse effects on marine life including fisheries fish farms shellfish banks and coral reefs. A vast number of sensors will be required to gather the data necessary to understand ocean acidification and its effects however, this is currently not possible due to expense.

AUVs are proposed as the solution to the need for making numerous measurements across the World’s oceans. The proposed solution is to provide swarms of low cost, small AUVs that collect data for extended periods of time.

AUVs are a rapidly growing platform for ocean and water monitoring management, however to fulfill the role of a data collection platform, AUVs need sensors that can be deployed that are low cost, small and calibration free.

ANB Sensors is teaming up with Blue Robotics a Boston Based underwater vehicle manufacture to bring their technology to realization.

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