About ANB Sensors

At ANB Sensors we are developing the next generation of pH Sensors for oceanographic, source water and aquifer monitoring applications. We have developed a new reference system and sensing chemistry for our pHenomIII platform and are working on a novel reference techniques for Ion Selective Electrodes.

ANBSensors is proud to be a member of JPI Oceans European Marine Calibration Network, set-up to understand how industry, oceanographers and national metrologist laboratoires can collaborate to ensure oceanographic data quality.

Our Journey

ANBSensors has been set-up by members of the ANB Sensors team that entered and was runner up in the Affordability Competition of the Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health Competition.

We are currently developing new sensing chemistries and electronic systems to improve accuracy, stability and precision.

Our Vision

ANBSensors plan to pursue a wide range of markets, particularly the oceanographic, source water and aquifer monitoring markets. You can expect to see a pHenom sensor in a reservoir near you in the next five years!

ANB News

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Smart Environmental Monitoring

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