Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) sensors are used to detect ionic concentration in aqueous solutions. Through discussions with several ISE sensor users and manufacturers, we have confirmed a fundamental issue with the ISE sensors currently on the market – electrode drift – which severely degrades the sensor’s operational performance and utility as a smart sensor.

In-situ ISE sensors have enormous potential across many industries (everything from environmental monitoring to medical/pharmaceutical controls), but the need for calibration to account for drift severely limits use of in-situ ISE sensors. ANB have identified an opportunity to investigate whether part of its novel electrochemical sensor platform can be used to address the issue of drift in ISE’s, in-situ, enabling the vast potential of the sensors to be realised in smart solutions. To address the issue of drift, ANB will utilise a novel means of verifying the electrochemical potential/performance of the reference electrode through the introduction of an additional voltammetric electrochemical measurement. The overall objective of this project is to research, develop and produce at least 5 modified laboratory scale prototype pH sensors utilising the novel self-calibration system over prolonged periods (up to 12 months).

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