Great news! The release of our new interface and driver firmware (V5.0) brings several exciting enhancements and features to your sensors. Details of the improvements are below

  1. Improved Data Output: The firmware update opens up the full set of measurable parameters allowing for output measurements of salinity, conductivity, transducer health status, and sensor diagnostics. The team is working hard to deliver these features in future releases, however, this fixed output data string will mean that for our customers, once you have programmed the sensors output into your system, these enhancements will mean no extra work for you as we bring them online. Full details of the data output string are now available in our user guide and are generic across our whole sensor suite.
  • Enhanced Data Accuracy: The new firmware greatly improves data output by implementing new peak algorithms, an optimised sensing window, and enhanced parsing of data. These advancements result in improved precision and enhancement of performance in extended operations, minimizing the need for frequent maintenance or abrasion.
  • Bug Fixes: The firmware release addresses a number of bugs present in the previous firmware version, ensuring more stable and reliable performance of the sensor. This will contribute to a smoother user experience and more accurate data readings.
  • Additional Features: For our customers that wish only to switch the sensor on, take a measurement, and then turn it off we have introduced a ScanO1 command. This provides a single output ca. 5 mins after switch on after which the sensor can be shut down. We are working internally to reduce the 5 min time and we will keep you posted as to when this comes online. In preparation for the release of our lower salinity firmware later in June, customers using autonomous mode will soon have the ability to run the sensor using a ScanF command.

With these improvements, the V5.0 firmware not only enhances the current functionality of the sensors but also lays the foundation for future developments. Demonstrating our commitment to providing top-quality products and continuously improving your sensor’s performance.

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