During the last week of January, Brandon, Luke and Nathan visited the Finnish environmental institute, SYKE, to meet Jukka Seppälä and his team and do initial tests on our solid state pH sensor for Oceanographic monitoring.

During our stay we were able to undertake testing and calibration of our sensor using the local brackish Baltic water from the ferry that crosses from Finland to Germany. Using this Baltic water we were also able to install and test a modular attachment to allow for readings in a flow line – with promising results.

The next bank of tests will be carried out on the ferry between Helsinki and Stockholm. We visited the ship where we will mount the flow adapted sensor to monitor the variation in pH during its trips across the Baltic Sea. This will start when the ice melts!

The successful week was rounded off nicely with some testing with CO2 absorption on the Baltic water and an enjoyable tutorial to teach Jukka and his team how to operate our sensor during its stay at Syke.

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