ANBSensors fundamental technology relies on the use of a new patent pending stable chemical reference system to overcome the issues inherent in a number of current technologies, coupling this reference system with a patent pending electrochemically active species which can sense protons in oceanographic and source water environments means ANBSensors technology sets itself apart from current systems.

The pH sensing component of our system allows our sensing molecule to form both intra or inter molecular hydrogen bonding with the media to which it is exposed. When a potential is applied to the electrode, in which the compound is incorporated, the presence of the hydrogen bonding enables proton exchange between the molecule and the analyte and hence provides an accurate measurement of pH in oceanographic, source water and aquifer environments.

The data below highlights the electrochemical response of our sensing molecules in various standard buffered systems and synthetic sea water along with our calibration data including the seawater response. The measured value was found to be 8.30 from both a glass electrode and our new chemicals sensing system.