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Autonomous Monitoring Mode

  • When the sensor is placed in autonomous mode the sensor will beep once.
  • If no commands are given, the sensor will beep twice and begin scanning after 20 secs.
  • To enable the menu functionality in autonomous mode, type MENU within the first 20 secs of power up and the sensor will beep three times.
  • To enable scanning after menu functions are complete, repower the sensor.
  • If MENU instruction has not be given in the first 20 secs the sensor will not respond to any instructions and will continue scanning regardless of any commands given.

The Autonomous Mode Primary Menu looks like this:

VERSION ----- Display the sensor firmware revisions, serial number and time
TIME -------- Change the date and/or time
MODE -------- Change between Controlled and Autonomous operational modes
BAUD -------- Change the communications Baud Rate
RTC -------- Stop the Real Time Clock to conserve battery
INTERFACE -- Select Modbus or Keyboard communications
MB_ADDRESS -- Change the system Modbus address

INTERVAL ---- Change the time delay between successive measurement blocks
STARTDELAY -- Change the time delay before monitoring starts

LIST -------- List all result files with the date of file creation
RESULTS ----- Select result file(s) for download (performs 'LIST' first)
To commence measurements please repower the system

Measurement Functions


This function allows you to choose the time (H:MM) between measurement blocks with a minimum of 15 minutes (0:15) and a maximum of 4 hours (4:00).
Should you require continuous measurements, simply enter 0:00.


The sensor will go into a low power state during the set interval.

The following will be displayed:

To add Interval Time please enter H:MM [ENTER]

where H(Hours) = 0 to 4
where MM(Minutes) = 15 to 59

With a MINIMUM time of 15 minutes
and a MAXIMUM time of 4 hours

For no Interval enter 0:00


This function changes the time delay before monitoring starts, with a minimum of 0 minutes (00:00) and a maximum of 24 hours (24:00).

To add Start Delay please enter HH:MM [ENTER]

where HH(Hours) = 00 to 24
where MM(Minutes) = 00 to 59

With a MAXIMUM time of 24 hours

For no Start Delay enter 00:00