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Setting up with a terminal program


The sensor is terminated with a 6 core pigtailed cable.

Wire ColourFunction
RedRS232 Sensor Receive
GreenRS232 Sensor Transmit
YellowRS485 A
BlueRS485 B


  1. Connect sensor to power and control system
  2. Select correct com port
  3. Select speed = 115200, Data = 8bit, Parity = none, Stop bits = 1, flow control = none
  4. All lines should be terminated with a CR

Once set-up is complete, turn on the sensor. The sensor will beep once and the following will be displayed:

Interface Firmware Version : V300.0
Driver Firmware Version :
System Serial Number :
System Date (MM/DD/YY) : 01/02/22
System Time (24 Hour) : 12:20
System Mode : Controlled Scanning
Scanning Interval : 0 Minutes
Immersion Sensor : Enabled

Ensure the internal clock is set prior to activating any other menu functions.

If you are using a parsing script on a connected microprocessor to access the menu functions and change the parameters in the sensor you will need to write a script that issues commands mimicking accessing the Primary Menu.