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Setting up sensor with DTU


Connect the SubConn cable to the sensor and the USB to the computer. A light will come on when DTU is powered.


Using a terminal program

  1. Launch Terminal Program (e.g. Tera Term)
  2. Select correct COM port (Tera Term - Select serial port from the drop down menu. In the resulting window select the correct com port)
  3. Select speed = 115200, Data = 8bit, Parity = none, Stop bits = 1, flow control = none
  4. New line options should be Receive = auto and Transmit = CR (Tera Term - Select Terminal in set-up menu, ensure Receive = auto and Transmit = CR)

Once set-up is complete, turn on the sensor using the push button on the DTU. The sensor will beep once and the following will be displayed:

Interface Firmware Version : V300.0
Driver Firmware Version :
System Serial Number :
System Date (MM/DD/YY) : 01/02/22
System Time (24 Hour) : 12:20
System Mode : Controlled Scanning
Scanning Interval : 0 Minutes
Immersion Sensor : Enabled

Ensure the internal clock is set prior to activating any other menu functions.

If you are using a parsing script on a connected microprocessor to access the menu functions and change the parameters in the sensor you will need to write a script that issues commands mimicking accessing the menu.


The sensor will accept commands typed in either upper or lower case. Backspace can be used to correct typos. All commands must be followed by the ENTER key.