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Sensor Output


CRCCRC-16/MODBUS4 digit hex number
TIMESTAMPSample timestampyyyy:mm:dd:hh:mm:ss
PHSample pH value (pH)Float (3 decimal places)
TEMPSample temperature (°C)Float (3 decimal places)
SALINITYSample salinity (ppt)Float (1 decimal place)
HEALTHSensor health status code (0, 1 or 2) where 0=sensor performing well, 1=sensor will require abrasion soon, 2=sensor needs abrasionUnsigned integer

Displayed pH value

The number displayed for a pH reading can contain 3 types of data:

nn.nnnSensor measuring pHNo action required
--.---The immersion sensor is disabled and the sensor is not immersedEnable immersion sensor and immerse sensor
--.---OR there is no transducer on the sensorInstall transducer
--.---OR the reference element has failed during deploymentContact ANB Sensors
$$.$$$The system has not been able to determine a valid pH response yetAbrade transducer and restart sensor

Health Number

Health numberExplanationAction
0Healthy sensorNone
1Sensor will require abrasion soonDepending on scanning profile and access. ie if daily access, wait for health number to go to 2 before abrading, if not accessing sensor for weeks/months, abrade now
2Sensor needs abrasionAbrade immediately