Oxford University Innovation licenses pH sensing technology to ANB Sensors.

A novel carbon-based electrode, which is electrochemically optimised to perform pH measurements over a wide range, is the subject of a new licensing deal between Oxford University Innovation (OUI), the research commercialisation arm of Oxford University, and electrochemical sensor developer ANB Sensors.

These sensors are the latest in a long line of commercial pH sensors developed in Oxford’s Department of Chemistry by Professor Richard Compton’s Group.  ANB Sensors have expertise in developing pH calibration free pH sensors, with applications in industries ranging from water management, ocean research, environmental monitoring through to chemical processing and pharmaceuticals.

Prof Richard Compton said:

“pH is crucial in many areas such as water, food, oil, chemicals and pharmaceuticals and is thought to be the most frequently made analytical measurement. Yet, despite the vital role of pH sensing, the vast majority of measurements still rely on the glass pH electrode developed by Beckmann almost 100 years ago!  My group in Oxford has worked for two decades on providing robust, accurate, self-calibrated alternatives for pH determination, suitable for use in all possible applications.”

Dr Nathan Lawrence, CTO of ANB sensors continues:

“Richard’s Group have made a significant step forward in developing this novel carbon-based electrode, which is electrochemically optimised to perform pH measurements over a wide range. It is also suitable for pH measurements at varying temperatures. The carbon-based material is readily available, cost-effective and doesn’t require any extra reagents or surface-modifications.”

Dr Jamie Ferguson of OUI adds:

“It’s great to be working with Nathan and his colleagues at ANB Sensors.  They really understand the development of electrochemical sensors and have a great appreciation of their customers’ requirements.  We are looking forward to hearing about ANB’s success in the market.”

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