February 2017

Nathan Lawrence, ANBSensors CTO gave an invited presentation at the EuraMet conference in Warsaw, Poland, highlighting the need for metrological studies and validation of sensors for oceanograhic monitoring.

ANBSensors attended Oceanology 2017, in San Diego, meeting up with amongst others, old friends from the X-Prize Competition.

January 2017

ANBSensors receives innovate funding through Innovate UK’s global cooperation feasibility studies competition. We will be visiting our collaborators and end users across the US and Europe

October 2016

ANBSensors is proud to be a member of JPI Oceans European Marine Calibration Network, set-up to understand how industry, oceanographers and national metrologist laboratoires can collaborate to ensure oceanographic data quality.

June 2016

ANBSensors presents at the Royal Society of Chemistry, Chemistry Means Business Event. At the same event their CTO wins the Industrial Analytical Science award. Read more here

ANBSensors develops new chemistry for its new phenomIII sensor, which provides a tailored reference system for oceanographic monitoring. Read more here

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