Revolutionizing ISE technology by addressing reference electrode drift

The Challenge

Electrode drift issues currently account for up to 70% of the total sensor purchase and operational costs, severely limiting the use of in-situ ISE sensors.
Imagine a world where your ISE sensor didn’t need to be calibrated to account for reference electrode drift!

The Solution

ANB Sensors have identified an opportunity to use part of its novel electrochemical sensor platform to address the issue of drift in all in-situ ISE sensors, enabling them to be utilized in smart, networked solutions.
ANB Sensors presents a novel means of verifying the performance of the reference electrode through an additional in-situ electrochemical measurement.

Research at ANB Sensors laboratories has been conducted to optimize the chemistry behind the Calibration Electrode, where the key challenge was maintaining a constant potential, independent of the bulk environment.

Many common interference’s have been tested with no impact observed on the Calibration Electrode.

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